KOOTSJ is an experienced and yet young, dynamic company entrenched with innovation and technology. Thus making a difference in the often traditional and more conventional learning and training industry. We strongly believe in transparent communication as a way for people to improve relationships, in business and in private settings.

The present technology enables people and teams to move forward. Feedback is essential in this process of development. The art of giving and receiving feedback is a pivotal competency for those who want to make a difference. Sincere compliments and constructive critical feedback build strong relationships and improves individual and team performance.
KOOTSJ has taught me to be more aware of my own needs and drives as well as those of others. Something I had never given any thought before.
We have developed a feedback method that clients find to be very practical for improving feedback skills in the workplace. It is our ambition to introduce our method to a wider audience and continuously improve our technology in consultation with our clients.

We, therefore, invite you to try out one of our products or methods and give us your feedback because this is how we learn and grow….

Warm regards,

Alfons Mathijssen and Steven Ebbens