Aspiring to becoming a KOOTSJ facilitator?
Enables you to executing the five step KOOTSJ-feedback teamfacilitation on your own;

Offers you indepth knowledge of the KOOTSJ feedback model;

Leads to applied knowledge of the Feedback-app and the dashboard associated.

KOOTSJ offers possibilities to coaches and trainers to work with the KOOTSJ methode trough a licence system. The license is offered after succesfully completing the KOOTSJ practical training.
proven trackrecord as manager or trainer/coach working with teams

strong affinity for coaching and developing people

alignment with our mission and vision
The practical training:
Do you have the skills to becoming a KOOTSJ?
The following prerequisities are essential :
Becoming a KOOTSJ facilitator doesn’t come easy.
Becoming a KOOTSJ facilitator doesn’t come easy.
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